Precision Spline Gages, Variable Gages Both Hand Held And Fixture Style, Master Gears (Spur & Helical)

Since the early 1950’s, Invo Spline has been a major supplier of spline gages and master gears, serving manufacturers of aircraft, automotive, farm and earth-moving equipment, businesses and industrial technologies throughout the United States and many foreign countries.

Located in the heart of Detroit’s automotive industry, Invo Spline has been in continual contact with the problems and opportunities that have developed in production metal-working and assembly processes for over six decades. With the many years of experience and our close association to the world of technology Invo Spline has developed a reputation as a major supplier of ultra high quality products. In fact, this broad product-line and service capability coupled with an outstanding base of research, engineering and design experience has made Invo Spline one of the nations leaders in Ultra Precision Manufacturing.

So well respected is our company that for years we have been consistently invited to work on numerous committees of the S.A.E., A.N.S.I., S.M.E., and the A.G.M.A. and A.G.M.T.A. for the development of our nation’s industry standards for gears and splines.

hp-image_3Invo Spline’s GO or NO GO solid-type spline gages for both internal and external checking are manufactured for involute, straight-sided, angular sided and parallel sided splines.
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hp-image_3Indicator type rings and plug gages check the same tooth profiles as that of the solid type gages, except that they measure exact tooth or space dimensions to within 0.0001 of an inch using comparison to a master gage of a specific size.
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hp-image_3The RFX-1000 External Gear Rolling Fixture is designed and built to measure TOTAL COMPOSITE ERROR, KICK and SIZE. It is sturdy enough for use on the production floor; and provides the sensitivity that makes it ideal for final inspection use.
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